Dublab Artist Residency 

For the July 2017 dublab Artist Residency, I was given the chance to share one new piece of visual art daily to accompany dublab's daily programming posts on social media. I chose to undertake my work as if I were a daily comic strip artist, while also letting the work follow a stream of consciousness trajectory. Eventually, animations were incorporated, and my limits as a creator were pushed and expanded by working in this 24-hour cycle. 
Music credits listed below each video. 
Highlights from week 1

Giampiero Boneschi - Non Arrabbiarti, Canticchia

Highlights from week 2

Jurassic 5 - Jayou (instrumental)

Eno and Hyde - DBF
Process: This piece was prompted by a text message I received from Eric Olsen, which read: 
"You think you could draw a pic of a psychedelic rabbit with dilated Pupils driving a 32 ford with a yellow background?”

Selections from week 3

Juicy the Emissary - Attention Kmart Choppers

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